Nurturing Nook Notes: On bonding over pancakes, meditation and book recommendation

nurturing nook notes pancake
3 quick tips from my own adventures in parenting 2 kids that have helped make those crazy, busy days a little more manageable!

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A warm welcome to our new weekly newsletter, Nurturing Nook Notes. I’ll be sharing three brief recommendations from my own life each week, little things I’ve found that can make the busy days of raising our kids a bit smoother. Hope you find it interesting!


Pancakes on weekends started slowly, but our kids love it, and I find it a great way to bond with them. They (sometimes) help me make them, but I always enjoy the simplicity of eating a fresh pancake! We like it simple, around 8 pancakes will do:

  • 1/2 cup of oat flour
  • 1/2 cup of almond flour
  • 1/2 cup of wholemeal wheat flour (if wheat works for you)
  • 1 egg
  • Milk to the right consistency

That’s it! Great for dads to give it a try. It became a tradition in our home on weekends. I hope you can enjoy it too!

Meditation App

There are so many options out there, but I thought to share the one we use most: InsightTimer 

It’s a complete platform with great free content for both kids and us. I use it daily, and kids also enjoy it (when in the mood to slow down 😊).

It doesn’t matter which app you use, it’s a great habit to help them grow into!

Book recommendation

First things first: we love books! Here I’m sharing the ones that we most enjoyed, either from our great local library, or our personal collection. These will be books that made a mark on ourselves or the kids.

This week’s recommendation:

 The Diddle that Dummed, by Kes Fray and Fred Blunt.

A great message of being different, funny as ever, and with a surprise finish. Enjoy! 😉

That’s a wrap for this week! Whether you’re flipping pancakes, exploring meditation, or diving into a good book with your little ones, remember – every moment is a memory in the making. You’re doing an amazing job. So, until our next note, keep nurturing, keep laughing, and keep creating those magical moments.

Take care,

– Alex

P.S. Dads got the move 

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