The Bedtime Boo Boo's

Sleep has always been a struggle in our household. As you already know, getting a toddler to take the train to dreamland can be quite tricky. Even though we had established a pretty solid bedtime routine, there were days that sleep eluded our little ones.

The Wake Up Call

Our goal was to help our kids calm down, relax, and sleep better at night. That is why we decided to channel all our efforts into designing and developing kid-safe and sleep-friendly products that would make sleepy-time easier.

The first product we designed was the Curl Up pillow case, which became an instant hit with sleepy toddlers with a refined taste for pillowcases!

The Value of a Good Night's Sleep

Our mission is to ensure all our children can fall asleep faster, wake up refreshed, and thrive – every single day. A good night’s sleep can help improve memory, attention, and mental health. Plus, if your baby is well-rested, happy, and thriving, you’ll have a huge smile on your face too!

Why Curl Up ?

Our son’s favorite illustrated book had many scenes where a little wombat would curl up and he loved it. He used to mimic the scenes every time we read the book, so when it was time to name our new company, “Curl Up”  was the first name that popped up!

The Dream

Here, at Curl Up, we understand your struggles and strive to make your life easier. Being busy moms and dads ourselves, we know that ensuring your kid’s wellbeing is quite stressful. That is why we decided to take the fuss out your bedtime routine with a premium organic cotton pillow case (more amazing products are on their way!).

Find Out What Makes Our Pillow Case Special & Spoil Your Little One Today!