At Curl Up Kids, our passion goes beyond providing beautiful products for your little ones. With every purchase you make, you’re making a difference in someone’s life, half a world away.

Empowering Families, One Purchase at a Time

Every time you shop with us, a portion goes to supporting the Noorah Health Foundation. This amazing organization is devoted to equipping family caregivers in India and Bangladesh with the training they need to help their loved ones heal.

Why Noorah Health?

More than just medical aid, Noorah Health focuses on the families. They believe that with the right knowledge and training, family caregivers can drastically change the course of a patient’s recovery journey. And we couldn’t agree more!

  • Did you know? Over 90% of the caregivers trained by Noorah Health feel more confident in looking after their loved ones post-training.
  • Their innovative approach has touched the lives of over 500,000 families, enabling them to provide quality care at home.
The Impact of Your Purchase
When you choose Curl Up Kids, you’re not just selecting an item. You’re investing in a cause that betters the lives of countless families. Through your purchase:
  • Families gain the knowledge to turn their love into healing actions.
  • Caregivers are empowered, reducing stress and improving outcomes for their loved ones.
  • We create a community where everyone, no matter where they are, feels supported and cared for.
Learn More
Want to delve deeper into the inspiring work of Noorah Health? Click here to read more about their mission, vision, and impact. And for an overview of their commendable initiatives, visit the Audacious Project.
Thank you for being part of our community and for helping us make a global difference. Together, with every purchase, we’re building a world where love, care, and support have no boundaries.