Nurturing Nook Notes: Flying a kite, playing “monster” and book recommendation

kite flying nurturing kids nook notes

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Welcome back! This week, we’re diving into the joy of kite flying, embracing playful chaos in a game of “Monster,” and fostering empathy with a captivating book. Let’s get started!

Flying a Kite

Since my kids were tiny, we’ve loved to spend time outdoors. One activity that has turned into a fantastic bonding experience is teaching them the art of kite flying. After a few tries and attentive watching, they take delight in learning how to sprint against the wind, watch the kite take off, and then maneuver it higher and higher.

For our kite adventures, we opt for simplicity. We’ve found this portable, pocket-sized ​Parafoil Kite​ to be a perfect fit. Despite encountering sand, water, mud, and the occasional tumble, this kite continues to prove its durability.

Regardless of your kite preferences (be it homemade, adorned with designer figures, or compact like ours), a windy day presents a wonderful opportunity. So, seize the moment! Grab a kite, venture out with your little ones, and enjoy the shared fun and laughter that kite flying brings!

Playing “Monster”

Caution: This game may induce lots of giggling, exhilarating chases, and some loud noises!

This is a straightforward tag and hide-and-seek combo—perfect for playgrounds, indoors, or around the house. The premise is simple: your kids run, you give chase, and surprise them with your best ‘monster roar.’

It’s an absolute hit with my children—they never seem to tire of it. But, I must confess, after a few chases, I’m usually huffing and puffing. The secret to catching my breath? Announce a ‘water break,’ which sometimes conveniently lasts up to 10 minutes. 😊

Through this game, you not only cater to your little ones’ natural desire to play and wrestle but also create opportunities for lots of hugs, and kisses—a great way to strengthen your bond.

Book recommendation

I love this series of Big Ideas for Little Philosophers. It has a simple and direct language to explain complex concepts in digestible, kid-friendly language. My artistically inclined daughter (at least for now!) is particularly fond of this one.

This week’s recommendation:

​Imagination with René Descartes​, by Duane Armitage, Maureen McQuerry, and Robin Rosenthal

The central concept of the book—that individuals can imagine things in vastly different ways—is not only a revelation for children but also a useful reminder for adults. Recognizing that others may perceive things differently from us lays the groundwork for fostering empathy and understanding—a truly valuable lesson for young and old alike.

And that’s a wrap! Enjoy the kite-flying, embrace the giggles, and continue fostering understanding through shared reading. Here’s to a week of memorable moments. Until next time, happy parenting!

Take care,

– Alex

P.S. Not Yet Roger

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